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We are a community, and we each have skills to bring to the table.

Image used with permission of the creator, Addison.

Image used with permission of the creator, Addison.

Addison is creating Stories and Illustrations

Addison id an agender queer with a college degree in illustration and creative writing. They're gonna make a delicious literary PB&J out of their two passions by smashing the peanut butter of art, with the jelly of writing. On top of illustrated short stories, they'll be turning these works into zines that you can collect and cherish for all time!


Image used with permission of the creator, Jacklyn Hedlund.

Jacklyn Hedlund is creating Comics

Jacklyn Hedlund, also known as idioscopes/idiotscopics, graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, with a degree in Comics and Sequential Art. With her comics or writing, she loves telling stories and creating worlds and the characters that occupy them. She wants nothing more than to share these things with everyone; her hope is that with this Patreon she can share what she's passionate about with all of you, and be able to devote more time to it as well.

Image used with permission of the owner, Katie Schaefer.

Image used with permission of the owner, Katie Schaefer.

Katie Schaefer is creating blogs

Katie has had a blog called Wrath Of The Bitch Queen since 2013. It's about all manner of nerdy pursuits, where she typically writes about movies and video games, as well as recapping/reviewing TV shows that have caught her fancy. She currently update the blog about 1-3 times per week. She has also recently started a project wherein she is recapping every episode of Star Trek (starting with TOS and ending with Enterprise).


Rachel Hanson is creating action oriented posts redefining what it means to "have it all"

Rachel Hanson is a higher education professional with years dedicated to helping students build the skills they need to be skilled professionals in their chosen fields. She is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge through writing and is thrilled to be here on Patreon!


Runic Rigel is creating Survival + Culture

Runic Rigel is putting almost all of her spare time and money (which isn't a lot) into making YouTube content a minimum of two times a week.  She's also recently begun a sex positive podcast called Harlot. She does it because she thinks that it's important to consume the news around sex and reproduction, digest it and speak from the perspective of a woman in a non-judgmental space.