Jeff hargarten

Jeff Hargarten is an interactive data journalist with the Watchdog and Data Team at the Star Tribune. You can find him here:

Rachel Hanson

Rachel Hanson is a blogger, writer, mother, spouse, and a wonderful friend. You can find her here:

Ethan Anderson is an Army Veteran, student, and fellow geek. You can find him here:

Ethan Anderson

Katie Schaefer is a thirty-something living in northern Minnesota. She also like cats more than she likes most people. The title of her blog, “Wrath Of The Bitch Queen,” is basically a play on the second World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath Of The Lich King. You can find her here:

Katie Schaefer

Lana Yarosh

Svetlana “Lana” Yarosh is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science & Engineering Department at University of Minnesota. Her research in HCI focuses on embodied interaction in social computing systems. Lana is currently most proud of getting both the NSF CRII and the NSF CAREER awards, of her best papers at CHI 2013 and CSWC 2014, and of receiving the McKnight Land Grant Professorship. You can find her here:

Quinn is an open book mainly, and welcomes questions of all kinds. Please feel free to ask her anything and she’ll answer to the best of her ability, or politely tell you what is too personal to share. You can find her here:

Quinn Saige Betley

Dayna’s blog is a typical parenting blog, but from the perspective of a Goth. Having kids didn’t change this woman’s love of the dark. You can find her here:

Dayna Cruikshank