Cgp Grey

CGP Grey is an educational YouTuber. You can find him here:


The VlogBrothers are raising nerdy to the power of awesome. In Nerdfighteria, there is also Crash Course, SciShow, The Art Assignment, and Sexplanations. You can find them here:

P.T. Pengüino

Petey is a creature fueled mostly on coffee, pastries, and curiosity. If there were a typical mix, it would include strange genre-hopping musics from around the planet, obscure old recordings you never thought you would hear again, & some other stuff, because. You can find their works here:

Runic Rigel is a YouTuber, a vegan, a geek, a feminist - a person of many dimension and of course a Space Cowboy and world traveler. The theme for her content is Survival + Culture. You can find her works here:

Runic Rigel