Justin Grays is an advocate, an educator, and a writer. Justin graduated in 2010 from Minneapolis Community and Technical College with an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts, and again in 2012 from Metropolitan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies. Since graduation, he has attempted to work in advocacy or education, but has gained experience in offices and theaters - however, he keeps bringing as much insight into advocacy and teaches as much as he can no matter where he works.

A love for Star Trek got Justin through elementary school through college - his baccalaureate capstone was even discussed Star Trek and how it relates to race and gender. In adulthood, his love of science fiction expanded from just Star Trek to include other science fiction and fantasy universes, most notably the Honor Harrington universe. Noticing a lack of representation in science fiction and fantasy and having a drive to tell his own stories, Justin has been working on his own science fiction work and plans on one day being published.

Justin volunteers his time as a Community Manager for Twin Cities Geek, as a Committee Member for the Saint Louis Park Multicultural Advisory Committee, and as a member of the Saint Louis Park Community Emergency Response Team.