2017 Elections Are Even Closer!

As you may have read on a previous blog post (or have seen signs around your neighborhood), it is election time once again. Tuesday, November 7th is the day for elections in the State of Minnesota - not every state has elections this year, let alone every municipality in Minnesota, so please make certain to check out your local Secretary of State (or local equivalent) websites. Minnesotans, for more precise information (including where to vote), please go to our Secretary of State's ballot finder. What I am posting here is very general information, and there will be exceptions. For example, some Eden Prairie, Edina, Plymouth, and Saint Louis Park residents, as well as about half of Golden Valley residents and most of Minnetonka residents will be voting for the Hopkins School Board. At the same time, Minnetonka Schools serves Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Deephaven, Eden Prairie, Excelsior, Greenwood, Shorewood, Tonka Bay, Victoria, and Woodland, whereas the Saint Louis Park School District is entirely within the city of Saint Louis Park. So always check the ballot finder first!

Saint Louis Park Residents: after I created the previous blog post, two school district questions were added to the ballot. Please make certain that you understand Question #1 and Question #2 before you go in to vote.

As I said before, it is important to vote and to know who you are voting for, because you are voicing your opinion on how things should be run. Your elected officials work for you - they are not your leaders, but the reverse. You are the leaders, and you need to be informed. From State Governor to District Court Judges, you are deciding what elected officials are enforcing, legislating, and ruling on. Be informed, and make it count. If you're not involved, you may find that your city has placed you in, as John Oliver puts it, "the fuck barrel." So be involved. On Tuesday, November 7th, get out there and vote.

City of Plymouth, Hennepin County (population 77,216)

City of Hopkins, Hennepin County (population 18,105)

City of Plymouth

Logo of the City of Hopkins

There are no 2017 elections.

City of Golden Valley, Hennepin County (population 21,376

Logo of the City of Golden Valley

Molly Cummings (Incumbent)
Robert Ivers

City Council (Elect 2):
Katy Campbell (Incumbent)
Diana Neidecker
Kristi Halverson (Incumbent)

Hopkins School Board (Elect 3):
Chris LaTondresse
Jen Westmoreland Bouchard (Justin Grays Endorsed)
Fartun Ahmed (Justin Grays Endorsed)
Steve Semler
Kevin Bennett

School District Questions:
Question #1
Question #2
Question #3

Get out there and vote, everybody. The government serves you - you are the boss. Tell them what you want done.

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