Patreon Listened

If you haven't heard yet:

Patreon has put its fee changes on hold.

Patreon said: "We messed up. We’re sorry, and we’re not rolling out the fees change." However, they are still going to be figuring out changes to make, and they say that they are going to involve the creators in said changes - I believe them, especially after all of the feedback after this attempt at change. 

That being said, what's done is done - people have already left, trust has been lost, and it will take time for people to rebuild. Hopefully it can be done - however, it is clear where Patreon's goals are, and that the smaller donors are secondary or tertiary to their plans. I'm still looking into diversifying options for community support, and I am open to any and all options. Patreon has worked well so far, but I can appreciate that not everyone is going to be comfortable with it going forward. And I can totally appreciate that.

Thanks to all of you who gave feedback to Patreon.

If you deleted your pledges because of the change to the fee structure and are able to come back, many warm welcomes. If you didn't, thank you for staying. If you are unable to come back despite the rollback, I can totally appreciate that, and I hope to earn your support on another platform. If you want to have an easy way to re-pledge, you should be receiving an email from Patreon soon - I did just recently.

I hope to continue to be worthy of all of your support and patronage. Thank you all.

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