My brain keeps changing "Soccer" to "Football"

For some reason, whenever people here in the United States are talking about soccer, I instinctively call it football. While it is a correct name for it, it is not what the sport is called here in the US.

Because I was curious as to why two different sports are called “football,” I looked it up on Wikipedia: football is a family of team sports where a ball is kicked to score a goal (even though an American football is most certainly not a ball shape [Note 1]). Wikipedia also listed the following sports as football, among others: association football (soccer), gridiron football (American and Canadian football), Australian rules football, rugby, and Gaelic football. Who knew [Note 2]?

However, I’m not a fan of football in all honesty. Any of them. And yet, I don’t call rugby “football” - just association football, against the North American norms. That is an odd situation - considering that I don’t live in an area, nor have I grown up in an area, where it would be considered normal to call association football “football.” That leads me to wonder, does anybody else do that?

Please leave a comment if you do and how people tend to react when you do.

Anyway, all of this comes to mind because the Superbowl is around the corner. And I live in the same metro area that the Superbowl will be in [Note 3].

Note 1: It is more of an egg shape. Some people (including me) call the sport “handegg” as a joke.
Note 2: I’m certain that a lot of people knew. I just happened to not be one of them.
Note 3: Superbowl LII will be held at that fucking Jawa Sandcrawler on February 4th, 2018. Run for the hills.

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The Superbowl is Coming