Two friends have both died recently.

I wanted to post this much earlier, but things have been tough. Two friends have died recently: Robert L. Gartner (September 10, 1944 - January 3, 2017) and Michael A. Cucchiarella (January 19, 1958 - February 13, 2017). 

Both of these men are people who are held in the highest esteem, and their passing has left a giant hole the hearts of those who knew them. I met both of them through the Royal Manticoran Navy, and I am glad to have been able to have spent what time with them that we were given. I will miss their friendship, their willingness to help, their dedication to being involved in our activities. Not just the conventions and the charities that we support, but in the social aspects - getting together for celebrations and to hang out. Trading stories and hearing jokes, sharing in their knowledge and experiences.

Robert L. Gartner
Michael A. Cucchiarella

So long, friends.