You know, I want to see Cameron Esposito as a starship captain.

I was on Twitter the other day, and I was thinking to myself that I want to see Cameron Esposito as a starship captain - which got me thinking: who else should be in this sci-fi epic? And so I came up with this list:

And Gina Torres as the flag officer aboard whom the exploration group reports to.

Rhea Butcher as the chief engineer, using learned skills from Ohio.

Tig Notaro as the chief medical officer. Perfect dry wit. Has had medical issues, so actually understands pain.

Nichelle Nichols as the President of the Galactic Union. Wise and fair.

Leslie Jones leading as the XO - protective of the CO, commands the respect of the crew. Knows where the good times are at.

Linda Park as the security chief. Can go from sweet to scary at the drop of a hat.

Margaret Cho as the Command MCPO, who knows everything and everyone. All enlisted personnel look up to her.

Emma Watson as the navigator. A polymath and excited to explore.

Zoe Saldana as the helmswoman. Confident, arrogant, excitable, and an ace. Next most senior enlisted after the Command MCPO.

Kate McKinnon as the eccentric tactical officer who loves to blow shit up.

Rosario Dawson as the chief of staff for the flag aboard. The admiral's staff reports to her.

Ariel Winter as the flag lieutenant for the admiral. Young and excited to explore space.

Now, the question is: HOW DO WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?

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