MarsCon 2018 - Day 1

MarsCon is a fan-run science fiction convention for all ages held every March in the Twin Cities area. This year's theme is Robots, Rayguns, & Rockets: The 3 R's of Sci-Fi. Today I was on two panels, "Avoiding the Tokenism in Comics and Sci Fi Cultures," "How to Fail Gracefully," and "Polyamory: Perceptions and Realities." There are audio recordings of all three panels; however, they are still the raw, unedited versions. The normalized, balanced versions will be put up on a later post. I also took some notes for some of the panels - I will include them here so that I can expand on them on a later date. Please feel free to ask questions and post comments about the panels. Enjoy!

Avoiding the Tokenism in Comics and Sci Fi Cultures

Creating actual diversity requires a great effort to avoiding unintentionally tokenizing your characters. Tokenism, even when unintentional, is what leads to adding "diversity" for the sake of diversity. How do we engender true diversity in sci fi and comics?
Panelists: Justin Grays,  Rob CallahanS.N. ArlyTyler Tork, mod.
Listen to the panel on SoundCloud

On Enterprise, Ensigns Hoshi SatoTravis Mayweather were the two junior officers on board the Enterprise, as well as being the only two persons of color main characters.

Star Trek: Voyager - Lieutenant Commander Chakotay was the first officer of USS Voyager. To help write the character, Jamake Highwater was enlisted as an consultant; however, it was later revealed that he was of Eastern European Jewish descent. He was heavily criticized by actual American Indians for his writings.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - the "Indian Planet Episode" discussed is "Journey's End" TNG 7x20.

Indigenous Futurism

Star Trek: The Original Series was decent when it came to diversity. Read more here.

Ethnic Ventriloquism

How to write diverse characters


How to find beta readers

Writing with Color

Writing The Other (Website) (Twitter)

Paper Mage, Bridge of Birds, Billy Jack Movies, Trail of Lightning, The Future Home of the Living God

How to Fail Gracefully

The panel from CVG 2017 is back! Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. Maybe you've worded something poorly or were misinformed on a topic. Maybe you just didn't think a decision through and something went the wrong way. It happens. But how we react in these situations is what matters most.
Panelists: Rachel Cleveland, Kyle Andrew, Michelle Chmura, Jennifer Jones, Justin Grays
Listen to the panel on SoundCloud

Polyamory: Perceptions and Realities

In society and in the media, a number of myths have revolved around polyamory. Though polyamory is becoming more generally accepted, the media shows it as a white phenomenon. Explore and discuss how the polyamorous experience is portrayed and how it differs from reality.
Panelists: Kyle Andrew, Justin Grays
Listen to the panel on SoundCloud

Stop saying "poly" when you mean "polyamorous"

From Now On, I’m Saying “Polyam”

Poly Means Polynesian, Not Polyamorous — Lily Stone

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