Review of Rebel Rank Insignia from Interstait Designs

Are you a cosplayer needing insignia and badges for your Star Wars costumes? Or perhaps you like to collect various science fiction military badges? Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift for a geek close to you. You are in luck: visit interstait - Unique laser cut acrylic gifts for that special geek.

Interstait Designs makes wonderful Star Wars cosplay badges for the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, and the Resistance. These beautiful, handmade acrylic items come with magnetic backings so that you don’t have to damage your clothing while wearing it. These items are made out of love of science fiction, and that love shows in the quality of the product.

I have the Red Rebel Command Rank Insignia for Major/Commander, and a friend of mine has the Blue Rebel Command Rank Insignia for Captain. I’ve been wearing mine around for a while now to get a good feel for it, and I must say that the lightweight design is very comfortable and the magnetic backing makes it easy to align on my shirts. Mine came with just one magnetic backing, and it is an adequate back; however, I would suggest spending the extra $2 to get it with two backings - I imagine that the second backing would make it less likely to get caught on things, like loose lanyards or overcoats.

The friend of mine who has the Captain one wrote a review for me to add here:

The light weight from being mostly plastic is a plus as it doesn’t tug the outfit around. The double magnets recommended to keep it from flapping around: I don’t think I’d like how it would sit with one. The metal veneer on the front is sleek, but the edges that are against the grain aren’t as smooth as those with the grain. They are however very slightly curled outward, so don’t rough up my outfit. I’m a fan of the brushed metal finish rather than mirror: takes better to fingerprints, etc. The pips actually aren’t perfectly round, but you’d have to be staring at them so closely to notice that I’d punch anyone looking for motor boating me. All in all, I’m a fan, would purchase from this seller in the future.

This is a great product for my money. As a fan of Star Wars and a lover of insignia, I think that this is a beautiful badge. It is totally worth it.