For a republic to continue having a healthy democracy, RCV is a must.

Here in the United States, we live in a two-party system - a system that discourages alternative views, is non-competitive, and encourages voter apathy. To help encourage participation in the democratic process, moving away from First Past The Post and replacing it with Ranked Choice Voting is essential. Without it, we will continue to encourage living in a two-party system and minority rule.

Bilingual Spanish Human Services Representative (HSR) posting is open!

Bilingual Spanish Human Services Representative (HSR) posting is open!

Noemi Alcocer – Community Based Service Development from Hennepin County wants to share this open position with you:).  Hennepin County is working hard to increase the number of HSRs who speak the languages most needed in the community and of them is Spanish, but please note that the posting closes Monday at 5 pm.  
We hope you will think about your networks and how you can share this news!

If you know interested individuals who are NOT bilingual Spanish or Somali speakers, the next general HSR hire will be posted in May.

Super Bowl: Not so good for cities.

On Sunday, 04 Feb 2018, Super Bowl LII will be hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota at US Bank Stadium (also known as that damn Sandcrawler [Note 2]). Up to 1 million visitors [20] [21] [22] are expected, and the NFL is projecting that it will bring $350-407 million [12] [20] [21] to our local economy. Hotels have been booked, tickets are being sold, and plans have been put into place. Areas of Downtown Minneapolis will be cordoned off, security will be enhanced, and Minneapolis will be a hub of activity for a short amount of time.

2017 Elections Are Upon Us!

2017 Elections Are Upon Us!

If you are a Minnesota resident, it is election time once again - Tuesday, November 7th. Minnesota is one of those states that has an election every year, and it is important to vote in those elections. And as John Oliver reported, local governments get more done than the federal government - unfortunately, people tend to not focus as much on what is happening locally. So I am here to help you find out what is on the local elections. For more precise information, make certain to go to the State Secretary of State's website to look at a sample ballot. If you know your address, this will give you all of the information on the ballot itself, including a PDF to download to bring with you.

To Survive, Persons of Color are Taught Differently.

Back on 10March2017, I was pulled over by the Saint Louis Park Police Department. The light over the rear license plate was burnt out - the person whom I had borrowed the vehicle from knew that the light was burnt out and told me that she was going to replace it. I was under the understanding that she was going to replace it before I borrowed the vehicle, but she did not get around to it. She's a white ruralite who does not understand the importance of having every part of a vehicle being up to specs at all times. Fortunately, I only received a verbal warning.