Tomorrow is Election Day

Tomorrow is Tuesday, November 6th. Election Day in the United States. The midterm elections are here. Let’s try to not fuck it up.

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In the past, I have told friends and acquaintances that I use cold, hard logic to make my decisions. Weigh what decisions mean. That I don’t let my emotions dictate who I am going to vote for, but rather work out who will do the most good. There is a reason for that: I have to live in reality. I realize that we’re stuck in a two-party system, and that one of those two parties (*cough* Republicans *cough*) are actively trying to dehumanize people just because they are BIPOC, just because they are LGBTQ+, just because the are immigrants, just because, just because.

I have pointed out that we live in a First Past the Post country. If we had Ranked Choice Voting, perhaps things would be different. As it stands, even the two biggest minor parties struggle to even get to 3% of the vote. And voting third party is saying that you’re okay with marginalized people having to worry about survival, that your wanting to “stick it to the government” (which you are not) or your wanting to “send the government a message” (which you are not) is more important than the lives of your fellow humans. And those of you who point out that about 100 million people didn’t vote in 2016 - that is true, factual, and evading the point.

We are in a situation where Republicans don’t want you to vote (especially if you are a minority), where Voter ID laws are disenfranchising Americans, where white Americans are just now realizing there there is white supremacy, where civility gave us the current president. Get out there and vote. Your vote could be the one vote to swing an election. Know if you can leave work to vote. Know where to vote.

And do not forget to vote down-ballot! Do not forget to turn the ballot over and make certain that you are voting in all of your elections! Your elected officials work for you - they are not your leaders, but the reverse. From State Governor to District Court Judges, you are deciding what elected officials are enforcing, legislating, and ruling on.

I’ve voiced my opinion on the Attorney General Race in Minnesota. I’ve been reminding people to vote as often as I can bring it up. We are in a fuck barrel already - let’s work our way out of it.

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