My apologies for taking so long to post!

My apologies for taking so long to post - two things have happened recently that have slowed me down. The first thing of note is that my primary laptop (the piece of modern technology) has been finding new ways to stop working (first the power button somehow got disconnected, and then the keyboard was acting funky, and then the screen hinge disconnected, and then lastly the monitor decided that the brightness was at minimum while the keyboard quit working again). The second thing is that I caught the concrud [Note 1] at CONvergence 2018.

Because that laptop has been out of commission so often, I have been using other devices to compensate. I’ve been using an old laptop and my tablet to write, my tablet to edit other people’s work, and pieces of paper to jot down notes. Unfortunately, the broken laptop [Note 2] is the only device that I currently have that can edit audio, which has slowed down my posts about CONvergence (as well as soured my motivation some [Note 3]).

Here are some quick updates for today:
There were 19 respondents to the Polyamory 101 follow-up [Note 4]. I’ll go into more detail later, but the gist of it is that 13 would like there to be a Polyamory 201 panel next year, and 6 would like there to be both a 101 and 201 panel next year. There were also a number of things that people would like to have discussed that I plan on writing about, as well as talking about them at future panels.
I am now using something called Steemit for sharing my posts as well as on here. I am posting on there weekly my previous posts from here until I am caught up, and then I will be posting to the both at the same time. Steemit is kinda like Reddit, near as I can tell, and it has a cryptocurrency for getting upvotes. A friend got me on it, so I am giving it a go. It’s free to use, so why not?
Now that I have published some stories and they are for sale on Amazon, I would appreciate any reviews that people are willing to give. I’m also looking for other places to sell my stories, so if you know of any, feel free to let me know!


  1. Concrud is the illnesses that spread around conventions due to large numbers of people gathering in one place. Interacting with people from all over the world and being exposed to contagons that one is not used to, combined with stress, travel, sleep deprivation, and the like suppressing the immune system can contribute to one getting concrud.
    I had a chest cold that had some pneumonia-like attributes towards the end of it. I went to Urgent Care to get checked out and got a chest x-ray, which showed that my lungs are clear (fortunately). I couldn’t get a copy of the x-ray, so here’s a picture of me wearing the face mask (I realized that I put it on upside-down when I took the picture).
  2. My laptop seems to have suddenly fixed itself today. I don’t get it.
  3. I live with mental illness. Depression, anxiety, and ADD. I plan on writing a more detailed post about it later. Mental illness stigma needs to end.
  4. I’m still taking feedback! Please feel free to submit, or let me know if there are things that you want to have discussed.

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