Top Ten Starfleet Phasers

The past week or so has been very difficult for me, which has been making it hard for me to write. On top of that, I have been having intermittent luck with computers since before CVG, and so I have not completed any of my writing projects that I have ahead of me. To help me get back into writing, I decided that I should do a more relaxed post.

Two years ago, the Trekyards Team did two Top Ten videos: Top 10 Starfleet Rifles and Top 10 Phasers. Since then, Star Trek Discovery has had its first season. They stuck to the Federation models, and included phase-pistols (therefore I am including hand lasers). I’ve been hoping that they’d do updated Top 10 episodes to account for all of the new things that we’ve seen - until then, here is my Top 10.

We take a look at our favorite Federation Rifles in this bonus Top 10
This one has been a long time coming, but its finally here. It's one you guys have been looking forward to and asking us to do, so we hope you enjoy it.

My Top 5 Rifles:

  1. Type 3 Phaser from the TNG Movies.
    I love the way that it looks and how it is handled. It is sleek and it looks like it handles how a rifle would actually be held.
  2. TR-116 Rifle
    The one slug-thrower that Starfleet has made (but didn't put into production). An interesting concept, one that I would like to have seen explored more.
  3. Type 3 Phaser from Discovery
    A natural progression from the MACO rifles as seen in Enterprise, and is more inline with the rifles that we see in future iterations of Star Trek.
  4. EVA Phaser Rifle from First Contact
    It is very cool looking, and looks like it is very to use in gloved hands.
  5. Phaser Rifle from TOS
    The first phaser rifle ever seen. It is early Starfleet technology, very science-fiction looking without quite being a traditional space weapon.

My Top 5 Phasers

  1. Laser Pistol from pilot episodes
    I just love how this looks. It is a beautiful design, and one that has not been matched since.
  2. Type 2 Phaser from Discovery
    A wonderful reimagining of the design of the laser pistol from the pilot episodes. 
  3. MACO Phase Pistol
    This pistol has an actual trigger guard (and is the only phaser-weapon in Star Trek to have one). It looks like it is the most accurate to handle, following the designs of modern weapons.
  4. Type 2 Phaser from TMP/TWOK
    I actually own one of these. It is a smooth redesign, fitting in with the '70s aesthetic of starting to streamline technology.
  5. Type 2 Phaser from TSFS/TVH
    An evolution from the phaser from the original series. It looks like the original model, but more angular and streamlined.

What are yours? Please leave a comment!

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