Leviathan Wakes: Book Review

Note: I wrote this on November 8th, 2018, as I waiting for a bus so that I could get to work, and posted it to Goodreads and Amazon. I’ve considered cleaning it up and improving it, but I’ve decided not to. Perhaps I will after I write my review of the next book in the series.

Most enjoyable. 4/5

Almost a perfect rating. I had a few qualms. Minor spoilers ahead.

I typically don’t look at who authors are when I start reading books. Granted, I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, which means that there is an over representation of male writers. After I got a couple of chapters into the book, I said to the friend who gifted it to me, “it’s obvious a man wrote it.”
“Well, two men did,” she said.

Gendered crime is still a thing. It’s not surprising, but it is disappointing. And it is almost casually mentioned as a thing that happened.

Naked underaged girls are mentioned a number of times early in the book. Very Philip K. Dick. Very unsettling.

Miller falls in love with his idea of Naomi, which is gross and unprofessional.

Holden is an idiot. He has a white knight complex, which I don’t have a problem with, but he doesn’t think about his actions.

Lastly, how did they spin Eros without it coming apart? Unlike Ceres, it is not a planetoid - it is an asteroid. It should have shaken itself to rubble.

Otherwise, interesting plot, interesting story, interesting system building (see what I did there?). I liked it.

Winter has released me from its icy grip, and spring has opened my mind to writing once again.

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