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CVG 2018 Day 2, Part 1 - The Orville Fan Panel

CVG 2018 Day 2, Part 1 - The Orville Fan Panel

CONvergence 2018 was July 5-8, 2018, 2 months ago now. I had meant to write these posts shortly after CVG ended, but as I’ve explained in previous posts, I have been dealing with broken technology, depression, and other things that have been occupying my time. This year, the theme was “Natural Twenty: Celebrating The First 20 Years Of CONvergence” - for the full archive of all twenty years of CONvergence, click here.

On Friday the 6th, I was a panelist on the following panels: “The Orville Fan Panel” and “When is Star Trek Space Opera?”. For Part 1, I present to you the audio recording of the panel as well as my additional written thoughts about what we discussed. Listen to the raw audio recording here (I am still learning audio editing software - please excuse the sound imbalance and the occasional coughing).

A lighter post - my top 10 favorite Science Fiction uniforms, ranked

2017 has been a difficult time for many people, including yours truly, and so I figured that it was time to have a lighter post. Also, as I have said before, I've been focused on NaNoWriMo this month and have not completed any of the posts that I have been working on. 

Sometime earlier in the week, I had the idea to rank my favorite science fiction uniforms from television and movies, and on Wednesday when I was laid-up with a migraine and unable to be creative, I jotted down the uniforms while I was no longer in pain. I decided to go ahead and talk a little about my top 10, and then list more uniforms that I like at the end. I will be getting back into more informational posts soon!

Please feel free to list your favorites in the comments! I would love to hear from you.